Number of View: 2428 Since last year’s Christmas card, I have been brainstorming ideas for this year’s card. 😉 I wanted Bailey to hold and shake a large snow globe with Kyle in it. I tried to photograph Kyle in front of a large window so he would look like he was squashed against glass. […]

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  • Emily Leiphart - LOVE these projects, Sunghee! I really love Kyle in the snowglobe and that last photo of the kids. You’re really amazing. Happy New Year!!

  • PB5 - I love it Sunghee!

Number of View: 7468 It started with Warriors. You probably seen this book at bookstores. I haven’t read it, but it’s about wild cats from differnt clans fighting with each other. My son was obssessed with it and read the entire series. About thousand times! Ever since his obsession with Warriors, it’s been all about cats […]

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  • Emily Leiphart - Ack, this is soooo cute!! I want some of these!!

  • Cris - Your creation is super cute, Sunghee! I have to confess, I bought needle felting supplies a few years ago, but haven’t yet tried it! My friend and her kids have made some cute critters, though. Nice to see your kids had fun, too!
    xo ~ Cris

Number of View: 10941 I hope you like this beehive diaper cake I made for my cousin’s baby shower two weeks ago. I almost gave up on making it. Her baby shower theme was “Mom to Bee”, and I had the idea of making the beehive diaper cake for a few weeks. But, I bought […]

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  • Alice Wertz - you are a genius, Sunghee!!! such a cute idea and the outcome is just adorable! love love it!

Number of View: 6019 Loookie, lookie! We received a package from Kiwi Crate! Kids were dying to open it up. I dont know when was the last time they were so excited about a package. Even the box was so pretty! And, I don’t know how they were able to fit all these materials in the […]

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  • Carol Milburn - I love your work with paper and your blogs!

Number of View: 7039 I’m so proud myself for making this holiday card this year, hehe. I was busy planning for my daughter’s gingerbread house decorating birthday party, I didn’t think I would have time to make any. But, my friend told me the other day that I made the most creative Christmas cards. And, […]

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  • Alice Wertz - super duper cute and creative holiday card photos, Sunghee!! the made me smile! fabulous idea. i do like your digital ones, too! =) Merry Christmas to you and yours! =)

  • Anna - How cute! You are super talented and the kids are super cute & happy! Happy New Year to you and family! Hope you are not affected by the water problems.

Number of View: 7840 For My daughter’s Gingerbread House Decorating Birthday Party, I wanted to decorate the party room with Christmas trees. But, I couldn’t find anything inexpensive ones that I liked at the stores. So, I made it myself. My daughter said, these are not Christmas trees because they are white. I said it […]

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  • Alice Wert - i adore your coffee filter trees! they are so pretty in white. you are so creative, Sunghee!

  • mamahen13 - I LUV these! Also the egg tea cuos! So creative.