Business card size calendar 2016 printable is here!

CreativityInProgress.com, Calendar 2016
Print the pdf file on 11 x 8.5 cardstock paper.
Set printer setting to NO SCALING!!!

CreativityInProgress.com, Calendar 2016
Cut the bottom of the paper where you see the crop marks (0.5″).

CreativityInProgress.com, Calendar 2016
Cut the calendar up into 12 pieces.
Finished size of each month:
WIDTH = 2.125″
HEIGHT = 3.5″

CreativityInProgress.com, Calendar 2016
I decorated the calendar by punching the holes using Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch.

CreativityInProgress.com, Calendar 2016
Download the Business card size calendar 2016.

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  • Sue - Hi sunghee! Can’t believe you already made the calendars!! I’ve missed seeing your amazing creations!????

  • sunghee chon - I know! I’m so proud of myself. Teeheehee.

  • stephanie - Sunghee, you did it again – another beautiful calendar!!!! I didn’t get a chance to make calendars for 2015 :( but hoping to start the process for next year! thank you for sharing your creative talent!!!!!

Schedule, daily, weekly

One of my favorite things about traveling is planning. I love researching and making list of things to do. Planning makes me more excited about the upcoming trips and I would get more out of the experience.

Niagara Falls Trip, August 2015

I made this daily schedule template for my recent trip to Niagara Falls. You can download the file on my template page. You can also download weekly schedule while you are there. These schedule documents are good for trip planning but also for any events. I use weekly schedule for my kids activities.

Download Daily Schedule
Download Weekly Schedule

I hope these planners will be useful for you.

See more photos from my trip to Niagara Falls.

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Since last year’s Christmas card, I have been brainstorming ideas for this year’s card. 😉 I wanted Bailey to hold and shake a large snow globe with Kyle in it.

I tried to photograph Kyle in front of a large window so he would look like he was squashed against glass. But, that didn’t go well.

I almost gave up on making a “Kyle in the Snow Globe” holiday card. I didn’t think my Photoshop skill was good enough. And, you know how uncooperative your own kids can be when you threat ask them to pose for you!


Photo of Bailey holding a snow globe. It was too heavy for my little girl to hold it out.


I made Kyle jump many times for him to look like he was floating in the snow globe. More photos here.:)

Added Kyle in the snow globe using Photoshop.


Photoshop Layer set to, “Soft Light” with white/grey colored layer.


Kyle did not look like he was in the snow globe. So I added snow affect over him. Snow overlay from Skai Photography.


I wanted her to have a cute evil smile, but this one looks adorable, too.:)


Word overlay from 7th avenue designs.

Merry Christmas!

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  • Emily Leiphart - LOVE these projects, Sunghee! I really love Kyle in the snowglobe and that last photo of the kids. You’re really amazing. Happy New Year!!

  • PB5 - I love it Sunghee!


I’m sure you’ve seen wall string display on Pinterest. What a brilliant idea! It was on my to-do list for a very long time ever since I saw them on the internet. I have been thinking about hanging baker’s twine string on the wall to display photos and cards.

What finally made me install the string wall display is this…


We had some friends over for a dinner. Friends’ kids thought our magnetic wall was a chalk board and decided to draw on them. It was a nightmare to clean it up. What made worse was the kids used glitter chalk and it was even harder to wipe it off. I used tooth brush, cloth, sponge and tape to clean it off. Wet sponge and packing tape worked the best.

I should thank those kids. They motivated me to create this string wall display. 😉
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. Even my 10-years-old son complimented how nice it looked. I can’t stop admiring it. Heehee. I think the black colored wall makes it look nicer. Natural color twine goes really well on it.


Twine, tiny wood clothespins, and card stock papers are from amuse studio.

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It started with Warriors. You probably seen this book at bookstores. I haven’t read it, but it’s about wild cats from differnt clans fighting with each other. My son was obssessed with it and read the entire series. About thousand times! Ever since his obsession with Warriors, it’s been all about cats for him. Even though my husband is allergic to cats, he is determined to get a cat or two and he is saving his allowance for it.


Lucky for us for living so close to Washington DC, we got to go to USA Science & Engineering Festival last Saturday. One of the exhibitors was Jackie Huang, the creator of Woolbuddy. He had a booth selling his handmade needle felting creatures, kits, and books. He even demonstrated needle felting technique. His creations were so cute, I couldn’t help but buy some Woolbuddies. I got a cat needle felting kit for my son, and a dog kit for my daughter.


I’ve collected some needle felting supplies over the years. I must say, this is the most painful craft I’ve ever worked on, lol. I get poked by the needles so many times. But, it is so fun. I love how I could keep adding the wool to reshape. It’s a very addictive craft!


Even my son wanted to make his own needle felting creation.


I can’t believe I was able to make this cutie!:)


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  • Emily Leiphart - Ack, this is soooo cute!! I want some of these!!

  • Cris - Your creation is super cute, Sunghee! I have to confess, I bought needle felting supplies a few years ago, but haven’t yet tried it! My friend and her kids have made some cute critters, though. Nice to see your kids had fun, too!
    xo ~ Cris


I hope you like this beehive diaper cake I made for my cousin’s baby shower two weeks ago. I almost gave up on making it.

Her baby shower theme was “Mom to Bee”, and I had the idea of making the beehive diaper cake for a few weeks. But, I bought the supplies the day before the baby shower and started assembling it that night. I tried different rolls, folds, tried this and that.  But, I could NOT get it to look decent.

I gave up!

I went to bed around 3 AM thinking I’ll just write a note to my cousin that the diaper box is open because I tried to make a diaper cake with it but miserably failed.

I couldn’t sleep well. Woke up around 8 AM and tried again. Thought about giving up again. But, tried rolling the diapers this way and that way… I finally got it to work. I didn’t have enough time. I think I would have made this look better if I started the project a few days sooner. But, I’m very proud of myself for not giving up.:)


Originally, I was going to use two large foam boards and a baby bottle for the base.  I was planning to make a big pom pom bee with wire (pipe cleaner or chenille stem) arms and have it carry the pacifier like she is carrying a bucket of honey. But, I saw this Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Keepsake Photo Box gift set, and thought it would be perfect for the diaper cake base.


I was going to use the baby bottle for the core, but it was just too big for the keepsake box base.


If you’ve made a diaper cake before, you know this is the basic fold. Fold from the top or the bottom end. Let’s call this a regular diaper roll.


But, for my beehive diaper cake, I rolled the diaper from the sideway.


When I overlapped the diapers together to connect, I was able to make the beehive diaper cake look better. Let’s call this a sideway diaper roll.


Use one regular diaper roll as a core and start wrapping the sideway diaper rolls around it. If you want to make the diaper cake look bigger, feel free to use more diapers or baby bottle(s) in the center.


Tie the rolled diapers with yarn to secure the shape.


Gradually coil the diaper rolls narrower as you wrap it taller.


I stuffed more regular diaper rolls in the center to keep the shape nice and tight.


I used a knitting needle to fasten the layers of diaper rolls.


Finished beehive diaper cake. If I were to make this again, I would use white yarn to tie the diapers together.

I asked my son what this looked like, and he said it looked like a some kind of creature. Heehee.


The “creature” looked too plain, so I added some silk flowers. Put the fake flowers through the center of the diaper cake.


The silk flowers were too long for my diaper cake, so I cut the bottom, and secured it with floral tape.


For the beehive entrance, I used a muse studio stamp and a tag die.


Tied the tag on the beehive diaper cake.


Tied black DMC thread around fuzzy yellow pom pom balls to make the bees. I tied them around the yellow yarn.



I think it looks like a beehive. Heehee.


Here is the rear view. I was running out of time, and didn’t get to decorate the back.


Here is a matching card. I just glued a fuzzy pom pom bee on the card with the matching stamp quote. Simple, but cute.:)


Well, it doesn’t look bad considering I was going to quit making it.:)

Growing up, my older sister always criticized me for everything I did. But, she gave me a compliment on how nice my beehive diaper cake turned out. And, she suggested I should make one for our brother’s wife who is expecting a baby this year. My sister is good at everything, and it meant so much to me that she liked what I have made. And, my cousin liked it, too.:)

Please, share if you make a beehive diaper cake. I want to see.:)

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  • Alice Wertz - you are a genius, Sunghee!!! such a cute idea and the outcome is just adorable! love love it!

  • Jolanta - Katie another great post! I’ve ralely been working on this since Christmas I’ve been much better at unplugging at night now I’m working on unplugging during the day when my mind is a mush and I’m not getting anything accomplished. It’s so much better to step back and take a break than push through and get frustrated at the end of the day when you realize that you haven’t accomplished what you want always a process! Thanks for bringing it to the front of my mind! xo